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019 – Have Yourself a Merry Little dAdventure!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Like it or not, Christmas is here! The day we all looked forward to as kids is almost upon us. Today on the show, Jeremy and Jake discuss all things Christmas. As a bonus, Fern is going to sing you a Higher Education Marketing version of Have Yourself a Merry Christmas! You may never hear this anywhere else…Do you have a favorite Christmas tradition you’d like to share? Share it on our Facebook page.

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Southern Supreme Fruitcake – http://www.southernsupreme.com/


015 – What a Mess!

Lets face it…Kids can be a mess! Not only do they change the landscape of what used to be your manly garage but they produce some of the strangest excretions known to man. How do you deal with the messes your kids make? Today on the show, Jake and Jeremy discuss all things messy. Grab a cup of Joe, sit back and enjoy.




013 – Traditions

For some, it’s hanging Christmas decor. For others it’s Summer vacations. Whatever your family traditions, they’re important! Family traditions serve as a great way of strengthening families like nothing else. Today, we take a look at some of our own traditions and why they were important to us!

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009 – Traveling with the Young’uns

ROAD TRIP!!! In today’s episode, Jeremy and Jake discuss the wonders of road-trippin with the young’uns! Listen to some great wisdom and some hilarious stories! Today’s word of the day…YAWP!



My local library – http://mauneylibrary.org/

The Dead Poet Society – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0097165/

Madlibs – http://www.madlibs.com/

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511 “Dad-bag” – http://www.511tactical.com/

008 – Summer Fun

Now that we’re well into Summer it’s time to have a great conversation about Summer fun with the kids! Join us today as we talk about great ideas to enjoy some great time with the chaps and hear when Jake prefers a barber who smokes! Also, the word of the day is “druthers”. Enjoy!



The Orvis Company – http://www.orvis.com/

National Cow Day – http://www.chick-fil-a.com/Cows/Appreciation-Day

Some 4th-of-July pics:

Some 4th of July pics for everyone! IMG_2156 IMG_2157 IMG_2158 IMG_2159 IMG_2160

Episode 007 – Time Well Spent

Whatever your situation, time spent with your kids is important. In today’s episode, Jeremy and Jake discuss the joys, challenges, and benefits of time well spent with their kids. Here some great wisdom on life and family as well as Jeremy’s son’s response to his shaving kick! Today’s word of the day…”hankering”.



006 – Kids in the School

Are your kids in school? Will they be going soon? Are your kids out of school? In today’s episode, Jeremy and Jake take on the joys, pressures, and awesomeness that we call school! You’ll hear some great insights about Jake and Jeremy’s experience with school and their kids as well as performance enhancers on field day!





Episode 004 – The Father’s Day Episode

On this week’s episode, Jeremy and Jake interview a great dad, Jeff Johnson. Jeff is a missions pastor in Kings Mountain, NC. He has four kids and a wonderful wife. Tune in to hear some great wisdom and funny stories shared by all three guys. Hope you enjoy!


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