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019 – Have Yourself a Merry Little dAdventure!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Like it or not, Christmas is here! The day we all looked forward to as kids is almost upon us. Today on the show, Jeremy and Jake discuss all things Christmas. As a bonus, Fern is going to sing you a Higher Education Marketing version of Have Yourself a Merry Christmas! You may never hear this anywhere else…Do you have a favorite Christmas tradition you’d like to share? Share it on our Facebook page.

Gaggia Classic (the Woolly Mammoth Training Machine) –

Queen Anne’s Candy –

Southern Supreme Fruitcake –


018 – The Hunter In Us All

The earliest of dads the world over have hunted to provide for their families. Hunting puts a man in touch with nature like nothing else. In today’s world, how does a man slow down from the daily grind to introduce his kiddos to the joys of bagging one’s own game? Today on the show, Jake and Jeremy discuss the fulfilment, frugality, and even the fun of the hunt!

Hunting for the Heart of God Devotional – Shawn Jeffries –

Code Blue Doe Urine:

Early birds vs. Night Owls:

New Wilderness Adventures: