Monthly Archives: September 2014

015 – What a Mess!

Lets face it…Kids can be a mess! Not only do they change the landscape of what used to be your manly garage but they produce some of the strangest excretions known to man. How do you deal with the messes your kids make? Today on the show, Jake and Jeremy discuss all things messy. Grab a cup of Joe, sit back and enjoy.


014 – Fatherhood…Is There and App for That?

Did you know there is an app the replicates a TI89 calculator? How about the one that calculates the exact amount of mulch you need? How about that one that keeps the kid in all of us happy by flying a bird through a series of pipes? Well if you didn’t, what cave do you live in?! Just kidding. Today we’re going all nerd on you and we’re going to be talking about our favorite apps that help us get the job of Dad done!

The Maninstitute –

The dAdventure –