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013 – Traditions

For some, it’s hanging Christmas decor. For others it’s Summer vacations. Whatever your family traditions, they’re important! Family traditions serve as a great way of strengthening families like nothing else. Today, we take a look at some of our own traditions and why they were important to us!

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012 – Dinner Time!

Eating with your family is one of the most rewarding things you can do. It can teach your kids so much about life, responsibility and more. Today on the podcast, we chat about all things meal time with a great conversation about sneezes! Fair warning, this show might cause untimely hunger. We suggest biscuits! Today’s word of the day is vagabond. Enjoy…

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011 – Playtime!

As we reach the end of Summer, we thought we’d do an episode on playtime. Play is such an important way for kids to learn. Today we’re going to be talking all about our kids and how we interact with them on playful terms. Today’s word of the day is smorgasbord.

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010 – And Now…A Word From the Wives

Tune in today to hear the two most awesome people who, if not for their loving support, Jake and Jeremy would not be such awesome dudes! Jeremy’s wife, Ginger and Jake’s wife, Briana make a guest appearance on the show. Listen to their unique insights into their husbands lives as family men. Also Briana brings the word of the day…”cookin”!

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